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Why Choose Turner Company Online Courses?

When considering your student’s next step as a freshman in high school, you may want to discuss the option of online high school with your teen. While online schools aren’t for everyone, they are becoming increasingly popular as they tend to meet more of the needs for today’s teenager in comparison with the traditional brick and mortar schools. When deciding on whether or not to choose an online high school, take these four thoughts into consideration.

1. Online high schools are more flexible.

If you have a teenager with a packed schedule, you may want to consider placing them into an online high school. Due to the lack of scheduled routine hours, your teenager may choose to participate in schoolwork around their current schedule. For example, if ballet is an important part of your teenager’s life and they attend classes four days a week, you can choose to schedule heavier workloads during the non-ballet days while lightening the class load during the days you’re running back and forth to ballet.

Online schools such as K12 offer your teenager flexibility in their scheduling and this is one of the main perks of online high schools. The ability to work around your teenager’s schedule should not be easily dismissed particularly if your teen is devoted to activities outside of schoolwork that may enhance their adult life later down the road. For example if your child is involved in church missions, traveling sports teams, or other extra-curricular activities, pursuing an online high school diploma may be the best idea.

2. Teens can learn at their pace.

Unlike traditional schools, your student won’t be forced to learn at the pace of other students in the classroom. Your teenager may cover more material in a timelier manner if they are a fast learner or your student may take more time to cover difficult subjects. In Connections Academy, the curriculum is based off your child’s personal needs and ability to learn versus the forced pace curriculum found in typical public schools. So if your teenager has difficulty grasping math, but consistently aces English, they will be able to take more time to work on their math homework while being permitted to finish their English sooner.

3. Online high schools offer more options.

Due to the ability of online high schools connecting students with teachers across the globe, online schools offer more options in regard to study than traditional schools. For example many brick and mortar schools offer one to two foreign language classes while online high schools often offer a myriad of foreign languages from German to Latin to Spanish and more. With public schools constantly losing funding for their elective programs, choosing an online high school may help your teenager expand their horizons.

Online high schools are a great choice for teenagers looking for better options than traditional schools. With flexibility, the ability to set their own pace in regard to subjects and more elective options, these schools are a viable choice when it comes to choosing your child’s next step in school.